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Cycle Link International new Waste Paper Trade (WPT) shareholder

Published date:2018-11-08

Waste Paper Trade (WPT) is pleased to announce that in Cycle Link International a new shareholder has been found. With subsidiaries in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and China, Cycle Link has a global presence in waste paper purchasing.

The acquisition of WPT is a perfect fit for Cycle Link’s plan to develop into an independent global player in waste paper purchasing and sale. With a European network of its own WPT is already a strong player in this field in Europe in particular. Cycle Link’s parent company is Chinese papermaker Shanying International Holdings Co. Ltd.

Cycle Link is acquiring (subject to approval by the relevant anti-trust authority) the shares in WPT from the LUMARO Group and the T?nsmeier Group, each of which holds 50% of the shares. The expectation is that the transaction will be closed within a few months. In this new shareholder, WPT has found a strong international partner, which will support its further strategic development.

WPT is the secondary raw materials buying and selling specialist for industry, trade and local authorities. As such, it has found an ideal partner in Cycle Link International, a renowned player with a global presence in waste paper purchasing. As WPT is seeking to grow both inside and outside Europe, the company is constantly in search of new market opportunities in order to achieve this aim. This collaboration will undoubtedly make a very positive contribution to the strategic development of WPT.

At Cycle Link too there was a need for a collaboration with a strong international organisation that could support the transition from a purchasing to a trading organisation. To achieve this Cycle Link set itself the aim of expanding its own activities and strengthening its global network. By joining forces with WPT, the company can play an even more independent role in the global waste paper trade in the future.

Given the mutual interests and the positive impact on the long-term strategies of both companies, this also offers them an outstanding opportunity to support each other in this growth process. The independence of WPT in Europe will be maintained under this collaboration, an important precondition for further independent growth.

Personnel most valuable resource
WPT sees its employees as the most valuable resource in the company. The know-how they have and their experience can be used even more efficiently through the collaboration with Cycle Link. The collaboration is therefore expected to have a positive impact on both the internal and external development of WPT as an organisation.

WPT has a strong and very solid financial base, which makes this forward-looking collaboration an ideal opportunity for growth. WPT is therefore convinced this is the best choice for the company, its employees and its customers. With the expanding supply of secondary raw materials on the world market, the growing international network and the deployment of local account managers, WPT will be even better placed to serve all parties in the future.

Joining forces is worthwhile
Jan Lucas Oldenburger, Chief Executive of WPT: “Thanks to this international collaboration and the fact that WPT will continue to operate independently, WPT can offer its suppliers and customers even greater certainty. We are also confident that with Cycle Link as the new shareholder we can further strengthen our services and respond even better to market developments.”

Lai En, President of Cycle Link International: “Within this collaboration the strengths and expertise of both sides are combined in the best possible way. We are now able to operate with the flexibility and independence of a global trading company, because by bringing together a vast worldwide network of suppliers we are even better equipped to meet the ever-increasing demand. Additionally, the stable demand from our parent company Shanying International will contribute greatly to the efficiency and profitability of our collective business operations.”